Project Description

Single Vision Is Music to His Ears

Sean’s Story.

“Once in a while, all it takes is a smile…and you’ve got two!” said Sean as he eagerly awaited a new pair of glasses.

Sean is a jolly fellow—jolly in the same way we think Santa Claus is jolly. He is a slim man with a kind smile and a gentle voice. But two smiles? What could he be talking about? Sean suffers from diplopia, he sees double.

Fifteen years ago, after a fall from a steep cliff in Southern Utah, Sean rose from the rubble with double vision. He came out of it to realize that this wasn’t going away. Seeing double made things tough, but music keeps his spirits lively. Sean is an incredible jazz pianist. His whole life, ever since his time as a student at East High School, has been consumed by music. He has played in Tennessee, Utah, Colorado, Florida, and New Orleans over the years. “When I was in my 20s, I decided to take country music and fix it.” Music, in a sense, saved him despite the challenges he faces with sight. He can still play the piano just by feeling it. “I can feel everything through music—she can make me feel happy.”

With music and laughter, Sean has made the best out things. For the past six months, he has been waiting for special glasses that use a prism to correct his double vision. Now, the wait is over. Sean’s new glasses let him see the world with a new single perspective. “Oh my, OH MY, there is only one of you!” At first glance, he saw the prism work, but it quickly faded back to two. It will take time for his eyes and his ocular muscles to adjust to this new way of seeing, but within a month, he ought to see just fine.

Things are really looking up for Sean, he has housing coming up, a new gig at a local bistro, and now he can feel and see the music he plays. He took the nurse’s hand and twirling her, he exclaimed, “You see the Lord is always just around the corner, sometimes he will just be right back, so don’t lose faith.”