Making an In-Kind Donation

As of summer 2020, Fourth Street Clinic isn’t accepting any medical in-kind donations. Use the email form below and reach out to us about donating other needed items.

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Fourth Street Clinic received almost 50% of its total funding from in-kind donations and volunteers in 2017. An in kind donation plays a huge role at Fourth Street Clinic.

At this time, we won’t be accepting any baby or children items such as clothing, diapers and toys; you can contact The Road Home, The Road Home Midvale, or The Children’s Center to donate any children’s items. We also don’t accept catheters or medication of any kind.

Any hospice donations can be given to The INN Between

For every $1 raised, Fourth Street Clinic leverages an additional dollar in in-kind donations. Make a difference today and donate items the homeless community desperately needs.

Current Specific In-Kind Donation Needs:

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Fourth Street Clinic partners with RightGift to streamline our in-kind donation needs. Check out our wishlist above to see what items we need to provide homeless individuals resources toward good health, housing and stability.

Please contact us with the form below to see what our other in kind donation needs might be.