Consumer Advisory Board (CAB)

The Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) is made up of current or former patients who are in various stages of transitioning out of homelessness. CAB works together with Fourth Street Clinic to provide outreach to homeless residents. They also advise Fourth Street Clinic’s Senior Management Team and full Board of Directors. Because of their advice, Fourth Street Clinic is always becoming better at fulfilling its mission of giving high-quality health care to homeless Utahns.

CAB Members

Kevin Stockseth, Co-Chair
Melissa HuntCo-Chair
Alan Lange
Herbert Elliott
Karl Westbrook
Maggie Grimyser
Meg Kesselburg
Norma Ramon

CAB Support

Mason Turner, Board of Directors Liaison
Meghan Fry, Staff Liaison
Isabelle Roehrig, Staff Liaison

If you are interested in becoming a CAB member or would like to schedule members to speak or host a booth, contact Isabelle Roehrig, at 801.364.0058 extension 1361.

Consumer Advisory Board Photo Fourth Street Clinic