Board of Directors – 2024

Fourth Street Clinic Board Members can serve up to three, three-year terms and serve on one of seven sub-committees: Executive, Finance, Advancement, Quality Improvement, Recuperative Care, Policy and Advocacy, and Corporate Council. The Bylaws continue to be an active document at Fourth Street Clinic with the Board annually reviewing and updating the language to reflect current practices. The current Corporate Bylaws require that the board meets monthly, document minutes for all committees, approve the health center’s annual budget, is responsible for hiring the Chief Executive Officer, establishes a conflict of interest policy, and assures that no board member is an employee of the health center or immediate family member of an employee. The CEO and Medical Director serve only as ex-officio board members.

The Board minutes demonstrate that the Board selects the services provided, determines the hours of services, measures and evaluates the organization’s progress by developing a plan for the long-range viability of the organization through strategic planning and review of the organization’s mission. The Board evaluates patient satisfaction, monitors organizational performance and assets, approves federal grant applications, conducts a salary survey and performance evaluation of the CEO, and approves general policies for the organization.