Project Description

With Sight, a Plight’s End!

Maria’s story

On December 22, 2015, we introduce you to Maria who had been without glasses for one year. Today, Maria came to the clinic for a routine exam, not knowing the metamorphic surprise that awaited her! Seated in the exam room, she squinted, trying to make out the people in the room when Kristina, her MA, presented her with a little box. Looking closely into the box, she pulled out a new pair of glasses. As she tried on her new and awfully cute spectacles, tears came to her eyes, she looked around at the smiling faces peering back at her, a new world opened up and she smiled. When asked about the first thing she will do, she replied, “I am going to the library to read a book!”

Maria is ambitious and now being able to see clearly, she can now focus on making real changes. “This is life-changing…now, I can get a job and then, get residency, and reunite with my children.”

When we last saw Maria she had high hopes, a vision for her future, and today, she can officially begin to realize that vision. The future is bright and hope has been her guiding light.

A special thanks to R. Harold Burton Foundation for helping to fund Maria’s new glasses. Without this support, we couldn’t have provided these new glasses!