Wasatch Homeless Health Care, Inc., dba Fourth Street Clinic is soliciting competitive, sealed proposals from qualified firms to make recommendations regarding space needs and facilities assessment (including structural, envelope, and mechanical/electrical systems). The proposal is intended to inform the leadership and the Board of Directors of the feasibility of a re-design of our current facilities (409 West 400 South, 425 W 400 South, 440 South 400 W (Suites A, B, D, E, G, and H; please note suite C does not exist).

The purpose of this project is to aid Fourth Street Clinic in the assessment of space needs for the short term and long-term needs and to inform the organization on where and how to expand. Fourth Street Clinic has been at the current location since 1993. Since establishing this location, the organization has significantly added to its services and staff and is planning for significant growth in services and staffing over the next ten years. We wish to complete a master plan for facility needs to ensure we can meet our service delivery goals.

Download complete Request for Proposal here

Schedule of Events

The following schedule is provided for planning purposes only. Fourth Street Clinic may alter this schedule at any time.

Issue Request for ProposalJuly 14, 2022
Non-mandatory Pre-submittal meeting (site tour included)July 22, 20229:30 a.m. MST409 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Last Day to Submit QuestionsAugust 19, 20224:00 p.m. MSTIsabelle Roehrig
Deadline to Receive ProposalsAugust 25, 20224:00 p.m. MSTIsabelle Roehrig
Presentation to the Selection CommitteeSeptember 9, 2022TBD409 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Second Interviews (if needed)September 21, 2022TBD409 West 400 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Notice of AwardSeptember 22, 2022COBNotification by Email

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated in the following manner:

  1. Prior relevant experience and background of project team (10 points)
  2. Demonstration of the understanding of project goals and objectives (15 points)
  3. Bidder Defined Project Services detailed in Sections 2.6 and 2.7 of the Standard Contract(40 points)
  4. Project Timeline (10 points)
  5. Written statement on commitment to diversity and equitable and inclusive practices (5points
  6. References (5 points)
  7. Project Rate Table detailed in section 5.1 of the Standard Contract (10 points)
  8. Red lines or exception to our standard contract (5 points)
Download Full RFP
Download Standard Contract

Respondents may submit additional information or sample consulting products limited to no more than three additional attachments.

Questions/Clarifications? Contact Isabelle Roehrig at iroehrig@fourthstreetclinic.org Written updates, clarifications, and answers will be posted on our website.

Floor Plans & Architectural Records

South Building Floor Plan
Architectural Record Set 1
Architectural Record Set 2