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Extend Funding for Community Health Centers

Tuesday, February 6th is shaping up to be one of the biggest days in Health Center Advocacy history. Fourth Street Clinic is teaming up with the Health Care Advocacy Network to get Congress to ACT and fix the public health center funding cliff!

The appeal to extend funding comes after months of living under a “funding cliff.” Critical funding for health centers and other programs expired on October 1st 2017.  Every health center, including Fourth Street Clinic, has made tough budget choices to ensure they can continue to provide care. With Fourth Street Clinic’s funding cut in half, our patients would have to turn to emergency rooms for services. That equates to roughly 15,000 additional visits to ERs and hospitals. An average ER visit cost in the US is $900 – potentially costing hospitals and taxpayers an estimated $13,500,000. 

In short: the federal investment of $2.6 million to Fourth Street Clinic alone from the federal government saves the taxpayers more than $10 million each year.

Red Alert – take action now for Health Centers across the country!

Action is needed NOW to contact your representatives and tell them to Fix the Cliff!! Use the hashtag #RedAlert4CHCs to spread the word and get Congress to fix the funding cliff! On February 6, wear red to show your support of community health centers nationwide.


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