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Labeled Film Festival to crush stigma of mental health

In a culture stigmatizing people living with mental illness, Labeled Mental Health Film Festival challenges audiences to understand the person behind the labels. Movies often portray those with mental illness as outcasts, debilitated, isolated, dependent, dangerous, unpredictable, comedic, annoying and incompetent.

Labeled strives to humanize individuals struggling with mental illness and break the stereotype. Film gives someone the chance to look beyond themselves; the Labeled Film Festival creates empathy for those plagued with unseen disease.

Severe Persistent Mental Illness plagues 97,000 Utahns annually. The battles and struggles caused by mental illness are real; its influence felt upon our community by many. ‘Labeled’ will showcase thought-provoking films that explore mental health issues from numerous perspectives. The festival brings together a community of health providers, government agencies, educators, policy makers, caregivers, and individuals who want to better understand and support those with mental illness.

Fourth Street Clinic provides mental health care to nearly 5,000 homeless men, women and children each year; the clinic had over 2,600 mental and behavioral health care visits in 2016. Giving the community a chance to understand severe mental illness through film helps create empathy and solidarity. Together we can fight mental illness in Utah.

A film festival to break stigma and create cause for mental health.

There are 19 films being featured at the Labeled Film Festival. The films will screen at The Natural History Museum of Utah and the Broadway Theatre in Salt Lake City. Film Festival participants can purchase individual day tickets for just $20 or purchase and participate in the entire festival.

Pricing and ticket information is detailed at the Labeled Film Festival website with all admission proceeds going to support film festival mental health partners. You can also check out the Labeled Facebook page for more information.

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