Laura Michalski, CEO of Fourth Street Clinic, was honored Tuesday at The Grand America by Utah Business Magazine as one of 30 Women to Watch in 2018. Described as mission-driven and focused, Laura was recognized for her quality leadership and tenacious pursuit of her organization’s goals.

“Quality healthcare for all,” Laura states when asked about her philanthropic passion. “Homeless, immigrant, low income and anyone who is challenged by the complexity of our healthcare system.”

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Laura Michalski, CEO of Fourth Street Clinic, was honored as one of Utah Business Magazine’s 30 Women to Watch in 2018.

Solidifying Fourth Street’s role in the community

Utah Business Magazine noted how Laura has fulfilled this passion. She worked for 14 years in Chicago with the country’s largest volunteer-based free medical facility before coming to Utah to serve as CEO of Fourth Street Clinic. Upon arrival Laura immediately evaluated the organization’s and community’s needs and began to implement invaluable changes. She increased the agency’s savings to secure the clinic against economic downturn and networked with other community agencies to improve the clinic’s technological systems and security. Laura also fosters an effective employee team; one employee said “Laura is the first to empower every staff member and volunteer with the tools needed to succeed.”

Laura was a key voice in the community discussions that decided to provide three new homeless resource centers in Utah, currently set to operate in 2019. Working with city and state officials, she ensured Fourth Street Clinic was incorporated in the effort and developed a creative system to bring healthcare to the homeless at these new facilities. Speaking out about groups providing services to the homeless, Laura states “it would be amazing if we could figure out a way to drive ourselves out of business.”