Fourth Street Clinic trusts the decisions, aims to work diligently with homeless agencies to implement solutions

Salt Lake City, UT — December 13, 2016 — Mayor Biskupski and the Salt Lake City Council have announced the locations of four new homeless shelters and the subsequent closure of The Road Home at 210 S. Rio Grande Street.

Matthew Rojas, spokesman for the office of Mayor Biskupski, met with the press on Monday. “We’re not replacing one (shelter) with four; we’re replacing one with an entirely new approach,” Rojas said.

Fourth Street Clinic, its staff and Board of Directors trust the decisions made regarding the new shelter sites. We are looking forward to new ideas in breaking the cycle of homelessness.

Fourth Street Clinic remains mostly unaffected by the upcoming housing changes. However, this news enormously and directly impacts the homeless men, women and children of the greater Salt Lake City area and the people we treat. Because homelessness is a complex problem without one single solution, the decision to close The Road Home could have several possible outcomes.

Our future conversations with The Road Home and all other resource centers will be to find and implement solutions together. We will all continue to serve the homeless population and, with dedication, end homelessness in Utah.

The relationship all homeless resource agencies have garnered is strong. We will work shoulder to shoulder with all agencies to offer services to the underserved, to build a bridge between communities. We ask the community to stand with us – to be a voice for change and offer some time and means to improve the quality of life of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Fourth Street Clinic is staying put, and our goal remains unchanged: To provide quality health care to homeless individuals in Utah.

The Mayor’s office has invited the public to attend the public engagement process. Two meetings will be held on January 11 from 1-3 p.m. and January 18 from 6-8 p.m. Both will be held at the Public Safety Building.