Volunteering for Fourth Street Clinic

Fourth Street Clinic welcomes volunteers and has a number of volunteering opportunities for licensed professionals and students. In addition — regardless of your background — there are lots of chances to volunteer at upcoming events.

How To Get Started:

  1. Review our Open Volunteer Opportunities section below.
  2. Fill out the online Volunteer Application
  3. Once you fill out your application, contact Laurie Robinson, our Volunteer Engagement Manager, at laurie@fourthstreetclinic.org or at 801-364-0069 for a quick interview and screening process.
  4. After the screening and interview process, you will be given instructions to complete a $37 background check.

If you have any questions regarding our volunteer positions, you can contact Laurie Robinson, Volunteer Engagement Manager at laurie@fourthstreetclinic.org or at 801-364-0069.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Fourth Street Clinic!

Open Volunteer Opportunities