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The Food Truck Face Off is back! Do good while having fun at Utah’s largest food truck rally for charity! The Food Truck Face Off brings together five wonderful nonprofits (Fourth Street Clinic; Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity and ReStore; Utah Community Action; Volunteers of America, Utah; and YWCA Utah) and over 30 of Utah’s best food trucks in a friendly competition.

This year the Face Off features expanded hours and more trucks! Pre-order your meal tickets at the link (posted soon) for $5 each — or buy them at the event for $6 each. Redeem your tickets at the truck of your choice at the Face Off – menu items will be priced in terms of 1, 2 or 3 tickets with most meals at 2 tickets.

Every ticket sold is raising money for the five participating nonprofits. The non-profit that sells the most tickets will win a cash grand prize from our sponsors and the truck that collects the most tickets will become the 2017 Food Truck Face Off champion! Stay tuned for updates on the trucks and entertainment.

If you’d like to become a sponsor for Food Truck Face Off 2017, Click Here.